Manage iOS Devices With the Google Apps Device Policy App

Manage iOS Devices With the Google Apps Device Policy App

Once an employee leaves the company, erase organizational information and leave private photographs, contacts, programs, and documents unaffected –or even “wipe accounts.” The two “wipe apparatus” and “wipe accounts” assist a Google Apps administrator protect a company’s data.

Google enhanced remote control of organizational programs and information to iOS devices in September 2015. The upgrade enabled individuals to separate organizational programs and information from private apps and information about iOS devices (Google presents similar characteristics on Android, as a part of Android for Function). The modifications make Google Apps more favorable to be used in a BYOD atmosphere.

Now, a distant “wipe accounts” command sent to some linked iPhone or iPad will eliminate data and apps installed using all the Google Device Policy app. No other programs or information on your device is going to be impacted. Personal photographs stay and organizational information disappears from the gadget.

The brand newest mobile program management attributes for iOS need some installation. You will want to make modifications both from the Google Apps Admin console and also onto every linked iOS device.

1. Connect Google Apps into Apple push notifications

You will first have to join your Google Apps accounts to Apple’s drive notification program. Afterward, Apple generates a push certification document, that you download from Apple then upload to your G Apps account. This links Google Apps and Apple to let iOS device administration.

Login to a Google Apps Admin account and browse to Apparatus direction, subsequently Mobile (in the menu), and then select “Setup Apple Push Certificate.” When a certificate already exists, you’ll find “Handle Apple Push Certificate” rather than “Setup… ” The Method takes a Couple of Minutes and may require an active Apple ID accounts to login into Apple’s system

2. Configure Device management configurations

Then navigate to a Device administration configurations in Google Apps (i.e., in the Admin games: Apparatus direction | Mobile | Device management configurations).

Beneath the General settings section, be sure the following choices are equally assessed:

• Empower iOS Sync for consumers

I suggest you select the box to”Enable apparatus activation” and insert your personal email address from the box. This permits you to independently examine and accept each mobile device link request. Ironically this adds reduces and work down the connection procedure for new apparatus, but the excess effort enhances your company’s security.

3. Insert Whitelisted iOS programs

In the end, incorporate any free iOS program to your own organization’s “White listed iOS program” listing (in the Admin console, then visit Device direction | Mobile | White listed iOS Apps). Pick the curved action button at the lower right section of the display, search for the title of an iOS program, then insert it.

You may incorporate any free iOS program to the listing. You can include the Chrome browser and also invite folks to utilize Chrome onto iOS for browsing and Safari on iOS for individual browsing.

Remember that any programs added to a iOS apparatus in the Google Device Policy app are those that’ll be deleted from case of a distant “wipe accounts” trigger. By way of instance, if you include the Last Pass program, a distant “wipe accounts” would not just eliminate Google Apps information, it would likewise delete Last Pass account data from the apparatus.

Installation each iOS apparatus

Each individual who wishes to join with an iOS device for your own organization’s Google Apps accounts will have to complete the next steps.

1. Install the program

You will want to login with your Google Apps accounts and permit the program to set up a Google Apps Device Policy profile onto your system. You also might need to await your own Google Apps administrator to revaluate your device enrollment.

2. Install programs

Following your apparatus is accepted, start the Google Device Policy app and pick any one of the listed programs to set up. These programs will automatically associate to your own Google Apps for work account information. Programs installed this manner can help isolate and protect your business’s information from the personal iTunes accounts and programs.

After each one the aforementioned mentioned steps, should you ever send a distant “wipe accounts” control to the unit, each the programs installed in the Device Policy program –and their associated info –will probably be deleted. However, all the personal programs and information will stay undisturbed on the gadget. What programs have you included?

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Manage iOS Devices With the Google Apps Device Policy App


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