Making Animals And Zoos a Part Of The Giving Tuesday

Making Animals And Zoos a Part Of The Giving Tuesday

How did it begin?

#GivingTuesday began in 2011 by 92nd Street Y. It occurs on Tuesday, November 29th of every year. This day is celebrated around the values of giving back and is used to bringing people around it. It has become an event of global proportions since then.

In the same way, #GivingZOODay is a particular #GivingTuesday campaign that seeks to align donors with the cause of habitat preservation, safety and care of animals those are there in the aquariums and zoos, all around America.

#GivingZOODay is used by the fundraisers and people who care for animals to come together and build campaigns around the #GivingTuesday giving mood.

How to get involved in the #GivingZOODay campaign if you are a part of the Zoo and Aquarium community?

You should talk to your staff and supporters and then try to figure out what the biggest needs are for your animals and facilities. You should form short term and long term vision and see what the future opportunities are for your zoo or aquarium. After you are done with the basic figuring out of your needs, you need to make goals for yourselves. That you would be using to build your campaign. You need to find out if you are trying to raise awareness about a specific cause that your organisation is passionate about. It could also be that you are trying to increase your community or supporter base.

Then you need to make fundraising plans for achieving these goals and you need to market your campaign accordingly. #GivingZOODay provides the perfect opportunity to build your campaign around your needs and market yourself. It could act as a boost to raise funds and spread your message.

Strategies to keep in mind while building your #GivingZOODay campaign

After selecting your goal that your organisation is passionate about, you need to select the channels of communication that you are going to use to spread your message or promote your campaign. You need to decide on the medium on which you plan to build your campaign. You need to check if there can be any special event or project that could be undertaken which could act as a boost in marketing your campaign. You need to form a special connect with your donors by reaching out to the people who are similarly passionate about animal issues. There just has to be a good marketing strategy to get your message across. As to why should the donors select you over others. And then you need to figure out if you could extend the #GivingZOODay beyond one day.

#GivingZOODay has been a great opportunity for zoos or aquariums and animal lovers in general to use the platform of #GivingTuesday for their cause and use a single day of giving into something more – To raise funds and to build communities. It is that time of the year when you need to highlight your efforts throughout the year and remind your communities of the work accomplished because of their support. Just around the time of the year when fundraisers try to make the most of the generous giving at the end of the year fundraising, it is the perfect opportunity for you to build momentum and raise your voice for your cause.

#Making #Animals #Zoos #Part #Giving #Tuesday

Making Animals And Zoos a Part Of The Giving Tuesday


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